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example of comparable grades

International climbing grades explained

Learn how to make sense of the different systems used for grading rock climbs and boulders

Gumby stands on rock

How to not be a gumby

If you’re still making these mistakes, this is your chance to evolve and leave your gumby ways behind you.

two climbers talking

Climbing lingo

Climber speak explained. Read on, and you’ll soon know the difference between a ‘dyno’ and a ‘deadpoint’ and between a ‘crab’ and a ‘cam’.

gear head

12 Signs that you’re a gearhead

If your interest in outdoor gear borders on obsession, you might already suspect that you’re a gearhead. The following 12 signs can confirm your suspicion.

runner jogging along road next to sea

Trail running vs road running

There are significant differences between road running and trail running, and these are not limited to the type of terrain or gear worn.

runners high tatoo

Why a runner’s high feels so good

What exactly is a runner’s high, and what brings on this warm fuzzy feeling? The chemistry of exercise-induced elation explained.

mountain scene

The 7 Leave No Trace principles

By educating yourself and helping to further the movement, you can help conserve our wilderness areas and inspire others to do the same.