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zero-drop running shoes

How trail runners can benefit from zero drop vs minimalist shoes

Here I look at what’s behind the growing popularity of zero-drop and minimalist footwear as well as the benefits for trail runners.

hiker in blue jacket

15 Tips for Hiking in the Rain

Forecast looking grey and wet? With a little preparation, you can enjoy the outdoors even in constant rain.

Runner pulls sock over foot

How to beat blisters

Blisters can put an end to your fun, but they don’t have to. With proper treatment, you can prevent these little nasties from becoming showstoppers.

trail shoes

Gear guide: trail running shoes

The right trail runners will help you dance through the techy bits, make the miles easier, and reduce the risk of injury. Here’s how you choose a pair.

trail running kit

Trail running essentials

There are at least a dozen items that no seasoned trail runner will hit the trail without. What should you be packing for your next run?

trail runner

Trail running technique

Master these techniques, and you too can run trails with the speed and prowess of a goat, or at the very least, avoid injury and have more fun.

7" running shorts

How to choose and wear pants for running

Shorts or tights? With underwear or without? Learn the answers to these and other questions about the best pants for running in.

running with a pack

Fastpacking 101

Combining speed and range, this crossover between trail running and backpacking is the obvious approach for runners looking to expand their horizons.

trekking poles on rock

Gear guide: trekking poles

Trekking poles can aid stability over sketchy terrain and boost uphill efficiency. Here’s how you choose a pair for your next adventure.

hiking with trekking poles

When to use trekking poles

Trekking poles offer real advantages in certain situations. This article explains when to use sticks and how to get the most out of them.

runner jogging along road next to sea

Trail running vs road running

There are significant differences between road running and trail running, and these are not limited to the type of terrain or gear worn.


A day hiker’s checklist

Having the right kit is one of the first steps to being properly prepared for a day hike. This comprehensive list covers everything you might need.

hiker admiring mountain scenery

How to pack a backpack

How you pack a backpack can make the difference between an enjoyable jaunt through the wilderness and an ordeal that ends with a trip to the chiropractor.

a pair of zero-drop running shoes

How to transition to zero-drop shoes

Learn how to transition safely to zero-drop shoes from a pair of conventional running shoes.

runner on trail with sea in distance

Mindful running: everything you need to know

It’s more than a fad. Mindful running frees your mind from everyday concerns and allows for a more immersive outdoor experience.

running in forest

16 quick and dirty trail running tips

The journey from trail neophyte to goat is not a quick or easy one, but these practical tips can make the path feel a little less rocky.

runners high tatoo

Why a runner’s high feels so good

What exactly is a runner’s high, and what brings on this warm fuzzy feeling? The chemistry of exercise-induced elation explained.

hiking boots on forest floor

Hiking Boots vs trail shoes

Why are trails shoes the best choice for most outdoor excursions, and when should you lace up a pair of boots? This article explains all.