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collection of ultralight backpacking gear

How to choose gear for ultralight backpacking

Ultralight gear isn’t cheap. Avoid any post-purchase dissonance by learning how to choose the right gear for going fast and light.

hikers in canyon

14 ways you can lighten your backpack

There’s no reason to lug a heavy backpack. Lighten your load with these 14 tried and tested weight-saving tactics.

hiking in the Cederberg

Is it right to go light? The pros and cons of ultralight backpacking

Learn everything you need to know before taking an ultralight approach to your next backpacking trip.

trail runner

How to transition from road to trail running

Learn all you need to know about adapting your technique, pace and conditioning for trail running.

runner negotiating wet trail

Gear for trail running in the rain

With a little preparation and the right gear, you can stay reasonably dry and warm regardless of what mother nature throws at you.

runner ascending Lions Head at night

9 tips for trail running at night

Running at night can be both rewarding and challenging. Here’s what you need to know to make the most of those after dark sessions.

Hiker carrying Osprey backpack

Gear guide: backpacks

Fit, volume, and features. These are the three most important considerations when choosing a new backpack. Learn what to look for in each here.

Hiking with a properly adjusted backpack

How to size and fit a backpack

By taking the time to size and fit your backpack properly, you can avoid the back pain and sore hips experienced by many first-time backpackers.

zero-drop running shoes

How trail runners can benefit from zero drop vs minimalist shoes

Here I look at what’s behind the growing popularity of zero-drop and minimalist footwear as well as the benefits for trail runners.