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climber pinkpointing route

Redpoint, pinkpoint, headpoint – what does it all mean?

If terms like ‘onsight’ and ‘flash’ still confuse you, read on and learn what makes one style of ascent more brag-worthy than another.

sport climber topping out on route

Sport climbing 101

Learn all there is to know about sport climbing and how to get into it. Here we look at the gear, skills, and knowledge you need to get started.


How to belay

Knowing how to belay well can help keep your partner safe and inspire them to climb at their best. Learn how to give a good catch.

quad anchor

How to tie and use a quad

The quad is currently the best technique for building self-distributing anchors. This article explains how it can be used to rig two and three-piece anchor

trad climber leading on double ropes

One rope or two: when to use half ropes

How do you choose between the simplicity of a single rope and versatility of two half ropes? Here you can learn which to use when.

climber learning to lead

How to lead climb

The time for top-roping is over. Learn to lead and become a fully fledged climber. This article gives you everything you need to know.

climber cleaning top anchors

How to clean the anchors on a single-pitch climb

Learn how to clean the anchors on a single-pitch climb using one of two techniques.

example of comparable grades

International climbing grades explained

Learn how to make sense of the different systems used for grading rock climbs and boulders

climber on rock face

Rock climbing gear: a beginner’s guide

If you’re just getting into climbing, this gear guide can tell you what equipment you need, why you need it, and when to buy it.

sport climber clipping bolts

Rock climbing tips for beginners

These top tips sum up the twelve most important things that beginner climbers need to know to grow in their new hobby.

gear needed for climbing photography

Climbing photography 101: beyond bum shots

To follow in Jimmy Chin’s footsteps, you’ve got to up your game. Learn how in this practical guide to climbing photography.

Gumby stands on rock

How to not be a gumby

If you’re still making these mistakes, this is your chance to evolve and leave your gumby ways behind you.

two climbers talking

Climbing lingo

Climber speak explained. Read on, and you’ll soon know the difference between a ‘dyno’ and a ‘deadpoint’ and between a ‘crab’ and a ‘cam’.