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Hiker carrying Osprey backpack

Gear guide: backpacks

Fit, volume, and features. These are the three most important considerations when choosing a new backpack. Learn what to look for in each here.

Hiking with a properly adjusted backpack

How to size and fit a backpack

By taking the time to size and fit your backpack properly, you can avoid the back pain and sore hips experienced by many first-time backpackers.

survival kit

Survival kit essentials

To be practical, a survival kit has to contain the bare essentials while being light enough and compact enough to carry on almost any backcountry adventure

3 brands of sunscreen

What to look for in a sport sunscreen

Everything you need to know about sunscreen and how to choose one that will save your skin.

synthetic and down jacket

PrimaLoft, down, and the science of insulation

PrimaLoft or down. How do you choose the best fill for a jacket or sleeping bag? Learn all you need to know in this guide on insulation.

climber on rock face

Rock climbing gear: a beginner’s guide

If you’re just getting into climbing, this gear guide can tell you what equipment you need, why you need it, and when to buy it.

packed poncho

Poncho vs rain jacket for hiking

Struggling to choose between a rain jacket and poncho? Read on to learn the pros and cons of each as well as the conditions they work best in.

zero-drop running shoes

How trail runners can benefit from zero drop vs minimalist shoes

Here I look at what’s behind the growing popularity of zero-drop and minimalist footwear as well as the benefits for trail runners.

trail kit

What to pack for an epic ride

Longer and more remote trails call for greater self-sufficiency. This guide lists the gear a rider can carry to be better prepared.