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hiker wakes up to a sunrise in the Drakensberg

How to sleep comfortably while wild camping

Learn how to get a good night’s sleep out on the trail by making yourself warm and comfortable.

glowing campfire

How to make a campfire

Learn how to make a campfire for staying warm, cooking food, or simply staring into.

trowel used to dig cathole

How to poop in the wilderness

Answering the call of nature doesn’t have to be a hazardous exercise. This article explains how to safely do a number two while adhering to LNT principles.

a tarp set up in an A-frame configuration

Tarp camping basics

Beside lightening one’s pack, a tarp offers the savvy outdoorsman a range of benefits. Learn all you need to know before getting into tarp camping.

Puffer Adder

Snake bite treatment and prevention

The chances are you’ll never need to treat a snake bite, but if you do, knowing what to do can mean the difference between life and death.

runner wearing hydration vest

How to stay hydrated during endurance sports

Everything an athlete needs to know about H20, electrolytes, and performance hydration.

ultralight tarp pitched in A-frame configuration

Knots and techniques for rigging tarps

Erecting a tarp is not as simple as pitching a freestanding tent, but a taut pitch is possible if you know these knots and techniques.

woman zipping up jacket

How to layer outdoor clothing

An effective layering system will keep you warm and dry regardless of the conditions and level of activity.

open cooler box packed with ice and produce

How to pack a cooler

Keep your perishables chilled for longer with these 9 tried and tested tips for packing a cooler and preserving ice.