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sport climber topping out on route

Sport climbing 101

Learn all there is to know about sport climbing and how to get into it. Here we look at the gear, skills, and knowledge you need to get started.


How to belay

Knowing how to belay well can help keep your partner safe and inspire them to climb at their best. Learn how to give a good catch.

glowing campfire

How to make a campfire

Learn how to make a campfire for staying warm, cooking food, or simply staring into.

ultralight tarp pitched in A-frame configuration

Techniques for rigging tarps and shelters

Pitching a tensioned shelter or tarp is not nearly as simple as erecting a freestanding tent. These wilderness skills will help you tighten up any pitch.

a tarp set up in an A-frame configuration

Tarp camping basics

Beside lightening one’s pack, a tarp offers the savvy outdoorsman a range of benefits. Learn all you need to know before getting into tarp camping.

quad anchor

How to tie and use a quad

The quad is currently the best technique for building self-distributing anchors. This article explains how it can be used to rig two and three-piece anchor

climber learning to lead

How to lead climb

The time for top-roping is over. Learn to lead and become a fully fledged climber. This article gives you everything you need to know.

Tarp in wind shed configuration

8 Ways to rig a flat tarp

With these eight tarp configurations, you can ensure a dry and protective pitch in a variety of weather conditions.

hiker in blue jacket

15 Tips for Hiking in the Rain

Forecast looking grey and wet? With a little preparation, you can enjoy the outdoors even in constant rain.

Runner pulls sock over foot

How to beat blisters

Blisters can put an end to your fun, but they don’t have to. With proper treatment, you can prevent these little nasties from becoming showstoppers.