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Climber rappelling with tag line

How to rappel with a tag line

When you need to make long rappels but don’t want to climb with double ropes, using a tag line with a single rope offers certain advantages. Here’s how.

climber tied into figure 8 knot

Figure 8 vs Bowline

Which is better for tying in – a figure 8 or bowline? Here, I try to answer that question by looking at the pros, cons, and best uses for each.

climber in kneeler

How to kneebar

Besides allowing you to cop a no-hands rest, a kneebar can also free up a hand to clip or make an otherwise difficult reach. This is how you do it.

climber resting on route

How to rest on route

Whether you climb 5.11 or 5.13, being able to rest on route can make the difference between a send and flail.

climber leading trad route

Essential skills needed in trad climbing

When honing their craft, new tradsters usually focus on their gear skills, but there’s more to trad climbing than being able to place nuts and cams.

hikers in canyon

14 ways you can lighten your backpack

There’s no reason to lug a heavy backpack. Lighten your load with these 14 tried and tested weight-saving tactics.

trail runner

How to transition from road to trail running

Learn all you need to know about adapting your technique, pace and conditioning for trail running.

runner ascending Lions Head at night

9 tips for trail running at night

Running at night can be both rewarding and challenging. Here’s what you need to know to make the most of those after dark sessions.

climber leading trad route

How to lead on trad gear

Before you rope up for your first trad lead, you need to know how to place and extend gear. Here’s how it is done.