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view of lake from inside tent

How to get your sleep system dialed in

Learn how to compile and calibrate a sleep system that will support your sleeping habits and be warm enough for the expected conditions.

camper sitting upright in sleeping bag

Gear guide: sleeping bags

Every camper’s needs are different, and you’ll want to consider your priorities, sleeping habits, and budget when making this important gear decision.

hiker sitting next to tent

How to choose a backpacking tent

Freestanding or tensioned? Single wall or double walls? There are a dozen decisions to be made when choosing a new backpacking tent.

male hiker wearing hardshell jacket

How to choose a rain jacket

Learn the difference between a hard shell and rain shell as well as why you might choose one over the other.

female hiker wearing jacket

Gear guide: outdoor jackets

The right jacket will keep you warm and dry. But with so many choices in insulation, shell fabric and features, choosing an outer layer is no easy decision

hiker wakes up to a sunrise in the Drakensberg

How to sleep comfortably while wild camping

Learn how to get a good night’s sleep out on the trail by making yourself warm and comfortable.

tarp rigged in A-frame configuration

Gear guide: tarps

Tarps come a wide range of shapes, styles, and sizes. Here you’ll learn what to look for when picking out your next ultralight shelter.

glowing campfire

How to make a campfire

Learn how to make a campfire for staying warm, cooking food, or simply staring into.

trowel used to dig cathole

How to poop in the wilderness

Answering the call of nature doesn’t have to be a hazardous exercise. This article explains how to safely do a number two while adhering to LNT principles.