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climber leading trad route

Essential skills needed in trad climbing

When honing their craft, new tradsters usually focus on their gear skills, but there’s more to trad climbing than being able to place nuts and cams.

climber leading trad route

How to lead on trad gear

Before you rope up for your first trad lead, you need to know how to place and extend gear. Here’s how it is done.

climber cleaning quickdraws off a steep route

Tips and tricks for cleaning quickdraws off steep sport routes

Getting quickdraws off a steep wall isn’t nearly as straight forward as cleaning gear from vertical rock, but there are techniques which can make it easier

climbing lowering off route

How to bail on a sport route

Learn how to bail safely from a sport route when you’ve bitten off more than you can chew.

quad anchor

How to tie and use a quad

The quad is currently the best technique for building self-distributing anchors. This article explains how it can be used to rig two and three-piece anchor

trad climber on Cederberg route

Trad climbing 101

Learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about trad climbing including the skills, gear, and popular destinations.


How to belay

Knowing how to belay well can help keep your partner safe and inspire them to climb at their best. Learn how to give a good catch.

climber redpointing a sport route

Redpoint tactics for sending projects

Up your game with redpoint tactics that will allow you to climb harder. A strategy and process for working projects right at your limit.

climber learning to lead

How to lead climb

The time for top-roping is over. Learn to lead and become a fully fledged climber. This article gives you everything you need to know.