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running with a pack

Fastpacking 101

Combining speed and range, this crossover between trail running and backpacking is the obvious approach for runners looking to expand their horizons.

map and compass

How to use a map and compass

Orienteering is an essential skill for any outdoorsman and can help get you out of a scrap when technology fails you.

hiker scrambling up rock face

Scrambling 101

Steeper than a hike but not as difficult as a rock climb, scrambles can be tackled with a little know-how and gear your probably already own.

energy sources for an athlete

How to stay fueled during endurance sports

Endurance athletes can only perform at their best if they replace lost calories and electrolytes. Here we look at how you can keep energy levels topped up.

runner wearing hydration vest

How to stay hydrated during endurance sports

Everything an athlete needs to know about H20, electrolytes, and performance hydration.

climber cleaning top anchors

How to clean the anchors on a single-pitch climb

Learn how to clean the anchors on a single-pitch climb using one of two techniques.

sport climber clipping bolts

Rock climbing tips for beginners

These top tips sum up the twelve most important things that beginner climbers need to know to grow in their new hobby.

gear needed for climbing photography

Climbing photography 101: beyond bum shots

To follow in Jimmy Chin’s footsteps, you’ve got to up your game. Learn how in this practical guide to climbing photography.

trowel used to dig cathole

How to poop in the backcountry

Answering the call of nature doesn’t have to be a hazardous exercise. This article explains how to safely do a number two while adhering to LNT principles.

a pair of zero-drop running shoes

How to transition to zero-drop shoes

Learn how to transition safely to zero-drop shoes from a pair of conventional running shoes.